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President: Paul Radu
Vice President: Cindy Daly
Secretary: BK Srinivasan
Treasurer: Al Carder

Stanley Gott, Tim Regan, Frank Bridwell, Gary Friedman, Lynn Brigham

Greens Committee: Cindy Daly
Membership Committee: Stanley Gott
Long Range Planning: Frank Bridwell
Golf Committee: BK Srinivasan
House Committee: Tim Regan
Finance Committee: Al Carder
Legacy & Special Gifts: Gary Friedman


Manager: Jade Kiosse
Club Professional: John Kawasoe
Superintendent: John Whisler
Executive Chef: Gehrett Billinger


Clubhouse:  503-861-2211
Pro Shop: 503-861-2545
Green Shop: 503-861-2637

Find Your Account Number

Somewhere in this issue is a member’s account number enclosed in parentheses (like this). If that person notifies the office prior to the 15th of the month, he or she wins dinner for two at our Wednesday night Prime Rib Dinner Special. Winner must use free dinner in the month that it was won.

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Newsletter Archives

MARCH 2015
Astoria Golf & Country Club Chef Gehrett’s 4th Annual Cooking Class

Friday, March 27 @ 6 pm

Gehrett will come out of the kitchen and prepare the dishes right in front of you, all while you dine on what he makes. Don’t miss out on learning from your club’s Executive Chef. This event sells out, so make your reservation early. Limited space is available to allow for interaction with the chef, as he loves to answer your questions.

$32.50 per person

Call to make your reservation. 503 861-2211

Sign One and get Two
(New Member & Two Months Dues Credit)

New Member Incentive Program

You can be rewarded for bringing new members to our club. A referring member will receive a dues credit on their monthly statement equal to the 1st and 13th month dues paid by a new member. For example, if you bring in a new non-proprietary member to the club, you will receive a $235 credit for their 1st and 13th month dues paid. That’s $470!

Also, if the new member joins as a proprietary member, the new member also receives a credit for the 1st and 13th month dues paid.**

This incentive program is available to all members in all membership categories (social, proprietary, etc.).

Please contact Jade Kiosse with any questions about the incentive program.

Respectfully submitted,
Stanley Gott
Membership Committee Chairman

**Note: Credits may only offset a member’s monthly dues and may take several months to be used.

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