Astoria Golf and Country Club

One Year Trial Membership

AGCC offers prospective members a One Year Trial Membership, officially referred to as an “Associate Membership.” In essence, an Associate Membership is a trial golf membership that offers a reduced initiation fee and reduced monthly dues for a period of 12 months.    

Associate members shall be limited to persons eighteen years of age or older. Membership duration is for a period of 12 months (no less/no more), one time per family, and limited to only new golfing members.  Following the 12 month period we hope our Associate Members see value in joining the club as full-time members.  

Membership includes unlimited rounds of golf, the practice facility, all dining facilities, club sponsored social events and the ability to host and/or sponsor private social events. The initiation fee is $100. Dues are $245 per month with no capital fund charge. Applicants must be approved by the board of directors.